Trolle Company

At Trolle Company we believe in challenging the status quo by selling beautifully designed products of high quality and security. Since 2005 we have been one of the leading distributors of equipment to equestrians and their horses on the Scandinavian market.
The number of handpicked brands within our product portfolio is selected carefully, as we constantly focus on the trust Scandinavian retailers and riders show Trolle Company. As of today our brand selection counts Samshield, Cavalleria Toscana, Equick, Tucci Time, RG Italy and Ogilvy.
Our goal is to dress equestrians for the future, based on the classical traditions of design, quality and security. Consequently we are always looking out for original quality brands that can strengthen our selection, and add some extra to the market. When a product is distributed at Trolle Company, you will know that it is one of the best in its category.
When Trolle Company enters into a partnership with a brand supplier and a retailer, we are loyal, honest, trustworthy, and open minded in the collaborative relationship. To keep it simple we have named it Trollemanship.

Trolle Company A/S
Gydevang 17-19
3450 Allerød
Tlf.: +45 48 48 51 15


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