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Sprenger – only the best for horse and rider

Since 1872 SPRENGER sets new standards in the production of bits, stirrups and spurs.

The unique combination of collaboration with professionals in the fields of sports, medicine, design and research, quality „Made in Germany“, decades of experience and great market knowledge, make Sprenger the worldwide leading manufacturer in this sector.

Only the best is just good enough!

Our customers have implicit confidence in our products and SPRENGER is aware of the responsibility. We are proud to play part in contributing to make your favourite sport more convenient and successful. Satisfied customers are our highest motivation.

Valuable raw materials

SPRENGER only uses carefully selected high quality raw materials for the production to be able to offer a consistently excellent quality. Our suppliers are bound by contract to bring test certificates and material analyses for every new delivery that we receive. In addition we conduct our own quality controls. A deviation from the required quality is not accepted. Together with the controls being done after each production step we are able to guarantee that you receive a product in a class of its own.

Quality without compromise

SPRENGER substantiates this claim by careful workmanship of high quality raw materials, strictest quality controls and permanent research in collaboration with professionals in the fields of sports and science. Only therefore SPRENGER has the ability to offer products that fulfil maximum security and functionality.
This as well is the reason that our products enjoy greatest popularity worldwide up to the World Equestrian or Olympic Games.
We daily receive emails from satisfied customers and a look into several for a also shows that the majority of riders are convinced users of our products and would recommend them.

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