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HARCOUR is a French fashion brand which has succeeded to stand out not only for its elegance but also for its creativity and advanced innovation..

As riding is a life-style, Harcour designs each year 2 collections in limited edition and dedicated to the equestrian world to adapt riders’​ everyday life and to offer them products with eye-appeal that are both fashion & up-to-date. Harcour also offers 1 permanent line for sporting needs as training and competition.

We don’t forget that riding is a sport and we insist on selecting top-quality materials: elasticity for freedom of movement, special composition for constant body temperature and tackiness to highly feel your horse reactions.

Since its creation in March 2015, Harcour is fast growing and its products are distributed through a network of 500 partner shops in France and worldwide.

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Our Passion

How could we propose equestrian collections if we had not been horse riders, horse owners, breeders or just horse lovers?

All of us are deeply involved in the equestrian world during our leisure time or our job. It’s our daily living, our lifestyle.

Our determination to share our passion encouraged us to create a range of products specially made for horses and horse riders.

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Our Collections

It takes months to create our collections. We believe in our design, we come back on our choices. Will you like the shapes, the colors, the materials? Will they suit your tastes?

We cross, mix and confront our belief in a single common target: To propose you qualitative products, designed and created in France, so you can be different and elegant in your equestrian clothes.

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Our Job

We never forget that riding is a sport. We select the most comfortable materials or waterproof materials so you can highly feel your horse’s reactions.

We don’t hesitate to test our products by certified company to guarantee the best quality. Some partner riders also help us by testing our products during several months to guide us in the best materials to use.

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Our Team

Amélie and Inès have been working for months to propose you the Harcour designs. As passionate riders, they involve themselves every day in this project to provide you the best possible products.

We all wish that you become totally convinced by our collections. We let you imagine our joy when discovering on the competition areas or in the clubs, our products worn by people who had fallen for our Brand ! We are all very proud of this motivating challenge!

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