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Mauro Benetti and Monica Speroni, the Acavallo company owners, partners in life and work, met in the 1980s frequenting both the equestrian field: Mauro for work, while Monica was following her passion for show jumping, competing with young horses. This meeting gave rise first to their love and then, in 1987, to the idea of combining their mutual knowledge to set up a business that would comply with their values: passion and respect for riding.

Acavallo - History

Acavallo was founded in 2003 and quickly became a company of excellence in the sector, internationally recognized for the reliability of its products. In 2013, with the joining of the Benetti family’s second generation in the company, Acavallo implemented customer care and customer service departments, with the aim of meeting the customers’ demands and needs. Like her mother, Vittoria Benetti also has a past as a horsewoman, and grew up in the company absorbing the technical know-how passed from her parents. Vittoria also coordinates the marketing and communication department.

Acavallo boasts a 360° knowledge in horse technical equipment. The flagship is featured by products that use therapeutic gel as feedstock, the same used in health care to promote the health of patients. From the combination of the gel with natural materials, such as sheepskin, originates Sheepskin & Gel Pad, a saddle pad used by many riders, first of all award-winning Charlotte Dujardin, testimonial of excellence alongside Scott Brash.

Acavallo Gel Riser
Acavallo Sheepskin Gel Pad

Acavallo Twin Sided Gel Pad

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